Solid growth companies with good liquidity

The strategy is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in well-managed and well- capitalised companies that show strength in solidity, earnings and growth based on good liquidity, and by investing globally in large as well as medium and small-sized companies. We don't do any  gearing.


Purchased at reasonable prices

Investments are made in selected companies where prices are reasonable compared to our own selected accounting and key figures. The time of purchase exerts a significant effect on future returns, so the spread of the purchase dates is of importance. Our process is simple, and we base our investments on our own thorough and consistent financial analysis of the companies that are within our investment universe.


Partners worldwide

Tiedemann Independent generates results and collaborates with leading banks and financial institutions in London - Sydney - Tokyo - Toronto - Vienna - Copenhagen

The depository bank and market maker on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen is Danish Bank, which has an international modus operandi.


No one can predict short-term price movements

We seek to minimize risk by purchasing the selected companies in several stages. A company is sold either because the price reaches its estimated commercial value, expectations for the company change negatively or there is a better investment.