Independent's values

Ethics & Integrity

Integrity represents a value in all situations. When selecting companies, we pick out strong and profitable businesses globally which are considered to have a fair business basis. We don’t choose tobacco and weapons production and are not involved stock lending

Social Responsibility

We work from the fundamental value to act properly, honestly and responsibly in all situations. Tiedemann Independent makes contributions to worthwhile organisations where such contributions are not lost in administrative costs

Financial Analysis

We choose solid and healthy companies globally out of more than 35,000 listed companies worldwide. Our process is simple and we base our investments on our own thorough and consistent financial analysis


Investment is not about acting fast and speculating. It is not just a matter of profit. For us investing is about trust, reassurance and security that preserves real value with healthy returns

Human Capital

We depend on our investors who are the focus of everything we do. With us you are not a "number", but part of the Independent Family. We work with passion and are enquiring, always seeking to do our best, to improve and learn from our mistakes

Value & Growth

We are careful when we scan the markets for listed companies that are both solid and growing their business. And that can be purchased at a reasonable price