An idea carried out

We can look back at the first years of Independent Invest where the concept and strategy was followed through without any compromises and has since proven its worth. Moreover, a better than expected result has been generated and further opportunities have come. We are now among the best asset managers in Europe and have proven that we can deliver attractive returns relative to risk.

We want to do what is best for our investors, the society and for us. Our financial analysis and portfolio management is now divided between three experienced people who provide additional continuity in our work. We place importance on investing ourselves together with our investors.

The idea behind Independent

The idea is based on sound investments, independence, a simple concept and transparent prices. We do what is best for our investors and naturally we invest ourselves.

Founded 25 August 2003

In 2003 Independent Invest was founded. Since its start, our investors have tripled their assets through sound investments - with a return net of costs of almost 200%. This places Independent Global among the best.

Global investments

You have the opportunity of investing in global companies with Independent Global and Independent Generations as well as in corporate bonds with Independent Bond. If you want us to balance your investment in Independent, we recommend investing in Independent Mix, whose spread is 75% in companies worldwide and 25% in corporate bonds.

Personal contact - trust and integrity

We want to form the backbone for the placing of your assets - both globally and in neighbouring markets. Our selection is based on our own financial analysis. Trust, integrity, as well as personal and direct contact with investors is crucial for us. We are a competent team in a lean organisation that is enquiring and always looking to do our best and be better as well as learning from our mistakes.


Independent asset planning

You are also offered individual asset management following a personal and well-prepared investment profile and time horizon. The goal is always to achieve the best possible return. This provides value.

Value is in the company - not in the stock price

We stick to our global investment strategy of preserving real value and generating a return for our investors. We invest together with our investors. Time has shown that the spread across strong companies with growth in earnings and capital is ultimately reflected in the share price.

The future

We continue to do what is best for our investors i.e. preserving the real value of investors' wealth and achieve a good return.

Best wishes

Henrik Tiedemann