Independent Generations

Family Values

Statistics show that family values affect added value especially well in the long term


Stock markets were under pressure in early 2018 but we expect a stabilization and positive development in Generations

Good Start

Generations has shown positive signs since its start on 1 February, 2016. Generations is the only fund in Denmark based on family values

Independent Generations

ISIN DK0060549350

Price 31.192 kr.
Today 0,86 %
YTD 12,28 %
Last updated 23-07-2019

Independent Generations Akk

ISIN DK0060782068

Price 35.439 kr.
Today 0,86 %
YTD 12,28 %
Last updated 23-07-2019

Development in net asset value

Start Feb. 1, 2016 - incl. reinvested yields

A direct extension of our own DNA where respect for generations of care delivers value through long-term business focus

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