Independents Policy for CSR - UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Tiedemann Independent A/S and our funds act responsibly in every situation and we have done so for many years. This is also the case for the companies we invest in. We want to address the UN’s 17 SDGs sensibly and simply and develop our business in that spirit.

Our Vision

Our goal is to act responsibly and to invest in profitable companies that have a solid foundation and fair business practice, and that comply with the laws and rules in the countries in which they operate. In short, that the companies take on their social responsibility.

Our vision is to use the UN’s 17 SDGs as guidelines in the light of a growing population and consumption of resources. In particular guidelines that provide:

Better living conditions for people and
change the world more sustainable

We have chosen the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the basis for our policy on social responsibility because we think this will be the leading standard in the future.

UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Our goal towards 2030 is to gradually incorporate the UN’s 17 SDGs into our investments.

We start with the sustainable dimensions of the Brundtland Report: the

  • environmental,
  • economic and
  • social, and we add
  • governance.

We link these 4 dimensions with the 17 SDGs to become better at referring to and reporting on the SDGs.

High-quality companies we invest in

These companies usually act responsibly towards their employees with regard to working environment, employee health and pay because it improves value creation. We avoid companies without guidelines for anti-corruption and equal opportunities.

We look for companies with a particular focus on climate and sustainable business, thereby avoiding long term overconsumption of resources that damage the environment needlessly.

Walk the Talk and Talk the Walk

We want to improve our quality standards and be an ambassador for the SDGs at a tempo that makes us credible. We see it as a process where we are learning along the way. Even though we are a micro-company globally, we want to contribute as much as we can:

Sustain the real value of our investors' assets, so they
    create self-sustaining and value when they are needed.   

    We are inviting engagement with our measures in order to work gradually towards the UN’s 17 SDGs. We will continually review our own behavior and investments with regard to the 17 SDGs as well as what progress is being made.

    We avoid companies

    We will contact companies which do not clearly communicate their social responsibility to get some clarification. If a company in our view does not live up to standards of proper behaviour and social responsibility or change its behaviour, then we divest.

    Talk The Walk

    For example, last spring we sold Facebook shares after the data scandal concerning the misuse of personal information. We have chosen not to invest directly in harmful products such as tobacco. In addition, we don’t invest in the weapons industry, even though parts of it create security for governmental authorities and democratic states.

    We act as a team which develops expertise, trust, and creates opportunities for personal development in a healthy working environment. Social responsibility occurs when we buy materials, digitalize and improve our energy efficiency among other things.

    Contributing to Society

    Tiedemann Independent makes contributions to charitable and worthwhile organizations, where contributions are not lost in administrative costs. Where the job makes a difference to the individual and the individual family.



    works to create better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India.


    fights to secure a future for animals on the planet we all share.



    works to create a safe childhood and a good future for Greenlandic children in both Denmark and Greenland.



       helps former civilian and military personnel deployed in international military missions, their dependents and surviving next of kin.