Independent Global 
Independent Global Akk

ISIN: DK0060549277
ISIN: DK0060781920

Invests globally spread across sectors in well-run companies that show strength in solidity, earnings and growth, and where this trend is expected to continue. The fund is regarded as an alternative also for the long-term bond investor

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Independent Generations
Independent Generations Akk

ISIN: DK0060549350
ISIN: DK0060782068

Generations focuses on family businesses where respect for the diligence of generations of owners delivers value through long-term business focus. Generations was established on 1 February, 2016 and is our latest investment opportunity

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Independent Bond

ISIN: DK0060091908

Independent Bond invests in 40 corporate bonds issued by healthy companies in Europe. We primarily choose between the top rated ones, and also assess the credit risk ourselves with our own financial analysis

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World Wide Invest

ISIN: DK0060209336

Investerer som navnet siger globalt i mere end 80 virksomheder udvalgt efter værdierne Value & Vækst, samt i 40 virksomhedsobligationer. Porteføljen består af 75% aktier globalt og 25% virksomhedsobligationer

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